Solar PV Maintenance & Repair

As an experienced MCS accredited installer, we specialise in fault-finding and repair even when your warranty may have expired, or your installer is no longer trading.

The pitch of your panels should ensure that any build-up of dust or organic material will be washed away in the rain.  However, some installations in certain locations may require panel cleaning.  We do not recommend pressure washers for this as they can force water into the panel and may cause damage.  We can offer impartial advice on this.

At this time, we do not offer maintenance of Solar Thermal (for hot water-only) systems.

Roof maintenance or repair

We offer a full Solar PV removal service working alongside your chosen roofing contractor:

  • de-commissioning of your PV array
  • panel cleaning
  • reinstatement of panels (if roofing material has changed e.g. from concrete tile to slate, you will need additional parts which we will supply and fit)
  • recommissioning of PV array
  • full installation check