Waterhead, Near Kingsbridge

Solar Panels, there aren’t many things you can buy that actually make more money than they cost. The government supports domestic solar with a Tariff that pays you to generate your own electric, and feed some back to the national grid. On top of that, you will also reduce how much electric you buy by using a proportion of the electric generated. And on top of that, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help leave the planet in a better state than you find it. At HPE we don’t just mass buy the cheapest materials we can find, we tailor each system to the size and shape of your roof and research panels and inverters (the clever bit that converts DC to AC electric you can use) that perform at very high levels, without ‘costing the Earth’. With over 3 yeasr installation experience and having tried many brands of panels and inverters, we can offer our extensive experience to you as a customer to maximise ‘bang for your buck’ whilst installing a reliable system that will last for decades. We are in this for ‘the long haul’ as befits a long life solar system and will be around to support you for many years to come.

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