Lighting up Charles Church Plymouth

Hyde Park Electrical have been assisting in a new project to light up some of Plymouth’s much loved landmarks.  One such installation has gone into the illumination of Charles Church at night.  Over 300 years old, this is the second oldest church in Plymouth with planning permission being granted in 1641 it wasn’t until 1657 that the church was finally built, with the addition of a spire in 1708.  It was the more recent events of the second world war which resulted in the church being destroyed by fire.  In the years that followed it was decided to allow the church to become a living memorial to those who lost their lives during the air raids of the second world war.

Charles Church Plymouth now stands with the backdrop of  Drake Circus shopping center and whilst it is only used for special events and university carol concerts, it did play host to the German ambassador in 2001 during a service of reconciliation between Germany and the people of Plymouth.  Including the Church in the project of lighting up Plymouth certainly adds to the atmosphere which surrounds this landmark.

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